Simple and classic lines form the timeless “x” back pattern that lends its name to the Lattice collection. This classic pattern is distinguished by graceful proportions and the ability to translate into an array of architectural and industrial designs. Formed in detailed wooden molds and smoothed to perfection, the cast aluminum is finished in a powder coat finish allowing it stand the test of time.



French Linen

French Linen.jpg

Slate Gray

Slate Gray.jpg


lattice sofa

Dimensions: W79 D34 H36

lattice lounge chair

Dimensions: W28.75 D35.75 H32.25

Spring Lounge-Chair.jpg

lattice spring lounge chair

Dimensions: W28.75 D35.75 H32.25

lattice ottoman

Dimensions: W23.5 D19.5 H12


lattice arm chair

Dimensions: W22 D23.75 H36.25