A new way of BBQ has arrived… And is here to stay…

La Plancha is a gas fired flat top cooking machine.

Chef Shannen is going crazy for this thing “I use way fat because of the non-stick surface.” The heat is always just right. Sears without burning and really enhances the flavors in the food. Try asparagus on the Plancha and you’ll know exactly what I mean. It’s so much more cooking surface that I’ve had before cooking on the Plancha is so fun! I can be ready for a demonstration in about 15 minutes…I turn the grill on and start chopping up some fresh veggies and the Plancha does pretty much the rest”


  • High heat searing surface made of Enameled Cast iron

  • Three sizes: 18” 24” 30”

  • Safe! Non-stick surface

  • Brown foods without the worry of burning

  • Easy easy easy clean up- all you need is water

  • The cooking surface doesn’t retain smelly odors

  • Your flat top will not warp or deform after years of heating

  • The base is made from marine grade stainless steel

  • No scratches, chips, peeling or rusting

Chef Shannen will be doing a demo and will have tasty samples for you to try from the all NEW Plancha grill!