A new way of BBQ has arrived… And is here to stay…

La Plancha is a gas fired flat top cooking machine.

Join Housewarmings' Chef Shannen and ENO Plancha's rep, Brad Clark, at Housewarmings on Saturday, April 6th from 12PM - 5PM to sample some FREE tasty food hot off the Plancha and learn all about ENO Plancha's Outdoor Cooking!

About the Plancha - Thanks to the heating power of Gas or Electric,  and the enameled coating of the ENO Plancha cast iron plate, your Outdoor Kitchen becomes gourmet and healthy.  

The Gas or Electric ENO Plancha allows you to cook any food.  You can make complete meals, from starter to dessert: meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruits, eggs, pancakes, pizzas, the options are endless.   Thanks to the stainless steel dome accessory, you can also keep food warm or speed up the cooking process. Put a pan on the griddle to make a sauce or even bake custard in a bain-marie!

You can cook WITHOUT Fat on the ENO enameled cast iron Plancha.   Any food fats are collected in a dishwasher-safe stainless steel removable collection tray.

Eno Plancha offers a wide range of models and sizes in gas and electric – there’s one for everyone – even a modular system for a complete outdoor kitchen!  The electric model might be great for a balcony or terrace - there’s even a stainless steel version designed for professionals or cooking enthusiasts.

Chef Shannen is going crazy for this thing “The heat is always just right, sears without burning and really enhances the flavors in the food. Try asparagus on the Plancha and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Cooking on the Plancha is so much fun and I can be ready for a demonstration in about 15 minutes! I turn the grill on and start chopping up some fresh veggies and the Plancha does the rest.”


  • High heat searing surface made of Enameled Cast iron

  • Three sizes: 18” 24” 30”

  • Safe! Non-stick surface

  • Brown foods without the worry of burning

  • Easy easy easy clean up- all you need is water

  • The cooking surface doesn’t retain smelly odors

  • Your flat top will not warp or deform after years of heating

  • The base is made from marine grade stainless steel

  • No scratches, chips, peeling or rusting

Chef Shannen will be doing a demo and will have tasty samples for you to try from the all NEW Plancha grill!