Inspired by one of our oldest port cities, Charleston, NC, as it is known for a rich blend of cultures and craftsmanship, this collection blends a classic wide plank coastal furniture design with updated proportions and technological sensibility. Available in a number of finishes, our wrought aluminum has hand polished, 360-degree welds, completed in our ultra UV resistant powder-coated finish.





charleston aluminum sofa

Dimensions: W75 D36.5 H38


charleston aluminum loveseat

Dimensions: W53.75 D35.5 H38


charleston aluminum bench

Dimensions: W45.5 D28.5 H36

Lounge Chair.jpg

charleston aluminum lounge chair

Dimensions: W30.5 D36.13 H37.75

Spring Lounge.jpg

Charleston Aluminum spring lounge

Dimensions: W30.5 D37.75 H38.25

charleston aluminum swivel rocking lounge

Dimensions: W31 D36.5 H37.75

Euro Lounge.jpg

charleston Aluminum euro lounge

Dimensions: W27 D31.25 H36

Euro Spring Lounge.jpg

charleston aluminum euro spring lounge

Dimensions: W27.125 D31.75 H35.5

Arm Chair.jpg

charleston aluminum arm chair

Dimensions: W24.5 D27.75 H35.75

Side Chair.jpg

charleston aluminum side chair

Dimensions: W19.75 D28.5 H35.88

Bar Stool.jpg

Charleston Aluminum 30” bar stool

Dimensions: W18 D21 H44