Fall is here! Fall is here! You guys. I’m so excited. It’s my favorite time of year!  And since Fall is finally here I know we all could use some cozy home ideas to make our houses just right as this season gets into swing. Take a look at my 10 tips below for making a cozy home and get inspired! All of these are quick and easy ideas that will get you in the autumn mood in no time 

And to top it off, it’s my last day at the library today and I’m so stoked to start dedicating more of my time to Dwell Beautiful.

1. Lots and lots of throw blankets!

I have a *small* obsession with blankets. Okay make it a BIG obsession! I keep buying them whenever I can, even though hubby rolls his eyes and says ‘but you already have so many!’ You can never have too many. Ever. Blankets and throws are absolutely one of my most favorite ways to cozy up once the weather starts getting chilly. Drape throws across furniture or display some blankets on a cool ladder for an ultra cozy look. And be sure to wrap up in them whenever you get the chance!

2. Lots and lots of pillows!

Similar to number 1 above, lots and lots of pillows will guarantee that your home is feeling cozy in no time! Add throw pillows that coordinate with the season (oranges, yellows, reds, and browns for fall) to the couch and pile them on your bed. You literally can never have too many pillows. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dive headfirst and burrow into a pile of down-filled cushions?? Add larger floor pillows and poufs for extra seating and a dose of cozy intimacy.

3. Dress up your mantle and use that fireplace!

Fall is the perfect time to spend as much time around the fireplace as you possibly can. I always start my mornings with reading my Bible and having a cuppa out by the hearth! Take the opportunity and glam up your mantle – either with fall decorations or cozy items like books, photos, and foliage. You’ll bump up the cozy factor and it will inspire you to spend a bit more time by the fireside reading a good book!

4. Create a cozy nook!

I’m a big fan of nooks. Hidden nooks, reading nooks, sleeping nooks, all nooks. And I just really love the word ‘nook.’  Carve out a space that will be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for you. It can be a corner in your bedroom, a certain chair by the fireplace, or even the tub in the bathroom! Dress it up with your favorite things that make you feel at peace, such as pillows, blankets, candles, books, and more! Make sure you escape to this place often.

5. Display your favorite mugs!

‘Tis the season for all warm and delicious beverages. Teas, coffees, ciders, cocoas, *cough* pumpkinspicelattes *cough*. I personally indulge in at least one cup of tea or cider a day. It’s good for the soul, folks! Make your kitchen cozy and bright by displaying some of your favorite mugs on hooks, shelves, or even just sitting on the counter. I like to display all my lovely drink things on my Tea and Coffee Bar, which is definitely the perfect nook for this time of year!

6. Incorporate fuzzy and cozy textures!

Nothing says cozy quite like fuzzy and furry things. Faux fur, fleece, flannel, yarn, and more, are all perfect textures to incorporate into your cozy home design. This can come in the form of blankets, slip covers, throw pillows, and even your pets that you cuddle up with! I’m sure there is a scientific study somewhere that says fuzzy things make you happier. If there isn’t a study, then I’m going to start one. Who wants to participate? Kick back, curl up with Fido or Fluffy under a soft blanket and be sure to send me the results at dwellbeautiful.com 

7. Hang some twinkle lights and burn some candles!

One of my absolute favorite parts about this time of year is the fall-inspired scented candles! Whenever the season changes, hubby and I always go to Bath and Body Works and pick out the best candles to help us bring in whatever time of year it is. It’s one of our favorite dates! Burning an apple cider or pumpkin scone scented candle just really makes our house feel cozy  Now is the time we also start putting up some white twinkle lights in the bedroom! Set them on a dimmer and bask in the warm and comforting glow.

8. Layer some rugs!

When the weather turns cold, it can sometimes be unpleasant and jarring to go padding across the hardwoods in your bare feet! Try adding more rugs to the rooms you spend the most time in, like the bedroom, and living room, and even consider layering them for a modern and extra cozy effect. Materials like wool and thick weaves stay extra toasty on those chilly mornings!

9. Add lush curtains or put up a curtain wall!

Curtains are a great way to make a space more intimate and cozy feeling. Consider trading out light, airy, summer curtains, for ones that are a bit more heavy and lush. Another great way to use curtains is to install a wall of curtains, like the photo below, to soften the feel of any room, add textural interest, and make you feel warm and protected. Good curtains with some twinkle lights nearby is always a winning combo!

10. Break out that Fall decor!

Fall decor is a surefire way to keep it cozy and really get you in the mood for all the great days and holidays to come. Incorporate autumn colors and foliage by buying or making your own wreaths, banners, signage, crafts and more. Check out my Fall Favorites Round-Up to get some ideas on how to DIY some great autumn decor (and get some great seasonal recipes to boot!). Nothing makes me happier than seeing pumpkins, red and gold leaves, and fall vignettes this time of year!

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